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We are pioneer business consultant and market leader for providing recruitment services to overseas clients throughout the whole world. We are associated with potential recruitment agencies and corporate companies since long time for Head Hunting & Mega recruitment campaigns. We take care and arrange centralized Venues for Client interviews. Our Dedicated team primarily focus on sourcing qualified manpower, cross checking and verifying them, processing and prompt deployments.

Following are the 06 stages of our recruitment process from start of documentation to the successful deployment of candidate.

Recruitment Stages of Altayyar Overseas Employment Agency of Pakistan

Each stage is a complete process which is defined further in 07 different tabes in consecutive order. Click each tabe to view detail:

Ist stage is to inform us about your manpower requirement. You can send email at where you include all the detail of required workers including their quantity and salary etc. We shall acknowledge your email and our representative will quickly contact you for more clarification regarding time frame and job descriptions. An agreement will also be signed by both parties for mutually agreed term and conditions.

Following two documents i.e. Demand Letter and Power of Attorney will be required to get permission from Bureau of Emigration Govt of Pakistan for the recruitment of workers. Click on country to view the sample documents:

Saudi Arabia | UAE | Qatar | Bahrain | Oman | Romania

Both documents must be attested from Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy of concerned country. However attestations from Pakistan Embassy is not required in case of Saudi Arabia. Original attested documents will have to be dispatched at our Head office address in Pakistan.

We apply for permission of recruitment after receiving original demand letter and Power of Attorney. Bureaus of Emigration / Protectorate Office takes approximately 02 to 10 days for granting permission depends upon Employer’s Country.

We are legally safe now to advertise the positions in any platform. We have an opportunity to source candidates from print and social media network. Usually we advertise our vacancies at our website, facebook page, facebook groups, Google page and in leading newspapers to grab relevant candidates. We also have our database of more than 30000 job applicants who are approached by email, whatsapp and text messages and these candidates further share our job posts to their friend and families. We have plenty of advertising mediums which can be used to grab manpower in bulk. We design our advertising strategy as per quantity and nature of jobs.

Our home work is complete before recruitment starts. We have gathered sufficient manpower at this stage for further screening and practical trade testing. Now selection method is merely depends upon client’s will. Following are the three options:

  1. You can send your delegation for practical trade testing of candidates. We shall inform you the time, venue and number of days required for successful recruitment right after we receive attested demand letter. We shall arrange and fill all your requirements which are required for practical trade testing of candidates.
  2. You can take online live interviews of candidates as per your convenience. We are equipped with high speed fibreoptic internet connection. We can arrange live video interviews at Skype, Zoom, IMO, Whatsapp  or at any other application which is convenient for you.
  3. We have our association with professional trade test centres if you allow us to conduct trade testing of candidates on your behalf.

Approved candidates will be contacted to come office for signing offer letters. And then they will be proceed for medical examination. Visa stamping process is different for each country. Saudi Arabian visa is stamped at passport whereas Qatar visa is not. Therefore click below the name of country to view the process of visa stamping:

Saudi Arabia | UAE | Qatar | Bahrain | Oman | Romania

After the visa is stamped. There is a documentation which is required before the deployment of candidate. Its take approximately 05 working days to get ready the protector stamp over passport of candidate. We pay Govt fee and meet all legal formalities within these 05 days.

Candidate is ready after when the protector is stamped at his passport. We also inform employer company to arrange air-ticket by keeping safe distance right after when visa is issued. Candidate is also informed about his anticipated deployment date so that he can be mentally prepared. Complete documents included passport and air ticket is handover to candidate after a short briefing about employment’s terms and conditions. 

Lets have a look at the below diagram to understand the whole recruitment process at first sight.

Recruitment Process Diagram of Altayyar Overseas Employment Agency of Pakistan

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