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Profession : Project Manager (Offshore)
Location : Project Site / Head Office /Offshore
Immediate Supervisor : Head of Projects.
Purpose of Job : Professionally manage Company's Projects to ensure growth and profitability, and satisfying the requirements of the Clients
Supervision of Employees : Company's Construction Manager ,Site Managers
Special Job Demands : Excellent Interpersonal & Social Skills Sound knowledge of Business Management Sound knowledge of various Contracts Sound knowledge of Company's capability
Qualifications / Education : Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Manual / Physical Skills : No physical disabilities
Experience :
20 Years of experience in Oil & Gas industry (Offshore).
More than 5 years mandatory experience in Offshore platforms.
Minimum 10- 12 years’ experience in GCC or any other leading Offshore platforms in Asia, Europe or Africa
Mandatory Experience & Skills Required
• Extensive work experience in a comparable position in marine construction, Brownfield Tie-ins and Hook Up, offshore pipeline installations on Oil and Gas EPC projects.
• Knowledge of health and safety regulations within the offshore environment;
• Extended knowledge in Marine and Subsea operations with at least 10-15 years’ experience in a senior offshore role.
• Ability to lead teams with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• BOSIET Training or Equivalent
• Fluent both in spoken and written English
• DP Vessel experience.
Roles & Responsiblities.
• Become completely familiar with all documents and special project and client (or contract) requirements prepare and or distribute pertinent project information to those having a ‘need to know’.
• Develop the master plan for executing and controlling the project in conjunction with company senior management.
• Prepare and or issue written project procedures to govern all project activities consistent with the approved Project Quality Manual (PQM), company standards and client requirements.
• Oversee the preparation and approval of the project budget and establish the procedures for controlling and reporting project costs for all phases of the work.
• Oversee the preparation and approval of the project schedule and establish procedures for monitoring, controlling, and reporting project progress throughout its life.
• Establish specific project goals and set priorities for all facets of the project and issue them to the project staff. Incorporate these into a management by objectives system to ensure meeting the project goals.
• Oversee the development of basic project design criteria, general specifications and establish the quality control procedures to ensure quality products, performance and services throughout the project.
• Oversee the preparation of the project’s procurement plan defining the procurement activities required to ensure timely delivery of physical resources to the project.
• Review project plans and procedures regularly and revise them as necessary to keep the project current.
• Establish and monitor all channels of communication (including meetings) among all key participants in the work.
• Develop the project organisation chart showing the lines of authority and interrelationships of key personnel and activities on the project.
• Prepare and or issue job descriptions detailing the duties, responsibilities and project objectives for key project team personnel.
• Initiate and participate in the selection of key project personnel.
• Finalise and implement the overall project personnel plan in conjunction with key project supervisors and applicable department heads in accordance with project timing.
• Continually review the project organisation and recommend adjustments to suit actual project needs.
• Arrange the internal and client kick-off meetings to enable the execution of the work in an orderly manner.
• Closely monitor project activities for conformity to contract scope requirements and establish a change order procedure for scope revisions. Monitor contractual requirements and recommend adjustments when required.
• Administer and enforce compliance with the terms of the contract, the project master plan, the PQM and project procedures, and management directives.
• Regularly monitor the systems for controlling project costs, schedule, and quality to see that they are working effectively in meeting project objectives. The control systems should forecast activities to project completion.
• Maintain effective communications with client, contractors and key project participants by:
• -conducting project review meetings on a regular basis
- issuing high quality project reports covering the status of physical progress vs. schedule, costs vs. budgets, material status, with explanation for exception-to-progress items
-discussing any problem areas along with your recommendations for solving them
-documenting the project with minutes of meetings, correspondence, telephone call confirmations, daily diaries, to build working files and a project history.
• Review project personnel requirements regularly to ensure that the human resources are properly matched to the workload and schedule.
• Monitor the flow of design data, vendor data, and project information to ensure that all parts of the project are progressing smoothly.
• Maximise use of company standards, methods, and procedures for maximum efficiency.
• Monitor all project invoices and payments to ensure adherence to cash flow plan.
• Promptly inform company management of any unusual project events or problems so that they are kept current on unforeseen happenings.
• Review and approve all outside communications to ensure that the project and company image are being presented fairly.
• Practice control by exception and give immediate attention and corrective action to off-target items."

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